Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Pozzie Party

Yesterday, I attended a pozzie event. A triple birthday celebration of 3 pozzies in a private venue. 

Man, it's been a while. This is the first party I attended in 1.5 years. The first party after I was diagnosed as a pozzie. 

It's fun to party again! Good food. New faces. Kwentuhan. Kulitan. And of course... Alcohol! But no, I didn't drink. I'm on 4 antibiotics :)  

Well, although it's a pozzie party, all look normal. No more stereotype images of pozzies looking sick and dying. Everyone looks fit and healthy. 

But of course, there were surprises! I saw some familiar faces. I saw a face I used to see in a gym. Then, a  guy I met on Grindr. Then, a guy I met many years ago; I can't believe I'm seeing him again after more than a decade, in a pozzie event, and both as pozzies. Was it bothersome to see these guys there? Initially... yes. But hey, it's an exclusive pozzie event. So, why worry?

The best thing about the group is its privacy. It has RULES! No cameras flashing here and there. No need to worry that your pics get uploaded on Facebook or Twitter in a speed of 3 Mbps. And due to the "rules", no further details :) The party was just simply fun, kahit medyo tahimik pa ko dun... 

Truly, there's life after HIV!