Saturday, November 23, 2013

Forgiveness Without Condemnation

I'm not religious. I do pray, and I believe in God, but I'm not a religious guy. But, when I was in the hospital for pneumonia, I read some biblical scriptures with interpretations. This chapter really struck me, so I'm sharing it, medyo preachy lang nga. 

Here, the author Joseph Prince talks about forgiveness of sins without condemnation. In my past post, I wrote that more than the AIDS opportunistic infections, and more than the difficulty in accepting my HIV status, it is disclosing my illness to my family as the most difficult aspect of HIV. It forced me humility... to admit that at some point of my life, I've done wrong. Disclosing my status made me worry that I get "condemned" -- condemned not in the sense that I will be disowned. Condemned in the sense that I hear words like "Sabi ko na eh! (I told you so)" "Matuto ka na ha (learn your lesson)", "So, makinig ka na ha (listen now)." 

Well, this reading talks about Christ's forgiveness without condemnation. Just be sincere in saying sorry. Look at the cross and believe you were forgiven. You will not be condemned for your sins, because Christ's life (that's right! the life of God's only son) which He offered to us on the cross is more than enough to bail us from punishment. With this in mind, I can now live in peace, get well and increase my CD4 with that gift of peace.