Friday, August 21, 2015

13 Reasons Why Buffet 101 - Eastwood is the Worst

I've been frequenting Buffet 101. Why not? It's value for money. Serving quality food at a reasonable price. But dude... the Eastwood branch of Buffet 101 is such a mess! Worst branch! 13 reasons why:  

  1. Shrimps and Crabs - For me, one of Buffet 101's main attraction is its live suahe and crabs. But this branch has none of it! Oh my mistake, I saw a label on a table.. chili crabs. But dude, during my entire stay in this branch, the plate was empty. Never refilled! Better change the label to "Better Luck Next Time!"
  2. Hot Seafood Roll Salad - Oh yeah, this Chinese dish is another fave of mine. Their version is unique. No dressing! How dare you call it salad if it doesn't have that white dressing. 
  3. Beef Station - Their beef carving station is crazy... Why? Simply because there's none! Well, this is the only buffet resto of its kind that doesn't have any beef in its carving/ roasting section. No steak, no roast beef, no prime rib... nay, nothing, nada! 
  4. Noodles - Their stir fry noodles is too salty!
  5. Takuyaki - Is it really takuyaki? me thinks it's a pancake roll! lol
  6. Lumpiang Shanghai - The only resto that serves shanghai without sweet and sour sauce. Kahit ketchup wala!
  7. Softdrinks - I suggest you rename your softdrinks station to evacuation center. A bunch of people queuing for ice and clean glasses. 
  8. Shakes - The only Buffet 101 branch that doesn't serve fresh fruit shake. 
  9. Tempura - So stingy. This resto refills its tempura in 8 pieces for such a huge number of customers! 
  10. Beer - I didn't get beer. But I saw one customer did. And the beer splashed! 
  11. Coffee - The coffee dispenser is misaligned. It spilled from my cup. So my capuccino became dark coffee!
  12. Scallops - It's not all bad. At least they have scallops. And I like the way it's baked. The second time I ordered though, it didn't arrive!  
  13. Aircon - I was sweating like hell. That fucking AC is not working! 
I swear, never again shall I visit this branch ever! 
Oh, by the way, 2 days after I ate here, I had diarrhea... I hope it's not because of this resto!