Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm 140 lbs Now!

After my 3rd OI last year, I lost 22 lbs from my average weight of 137 lbs before the OI's. I have never been on the 110's lbs  range for such a long time. Last time I was this light was way back in high school. I couldn't believe that after several years, I'm back to this weight range. So, after discharge, I ate like a pig... well not really, just guinea pig. :)

While at home, recovering from OI's, I eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack. After snack, I exercise on the legs, as this optimizes muscle gain. Then, I eat dinner and night snack. Then, finally before sleeping, I drink Ensure. Ensure tastes like milk. And milk makes me feel like throwing up. But I wanted to gain weight badly, especially before I get back to work. So, I trained my self to drink Ensure. My tip: eat a tiny piece of chocoloate before Ensure, and you won't taste Ensure's milky flavor. :) 

Anyway, that was my daily eating routine. Luckily, I gained 1 lb per week. In 3 months' time, my weight gained from 115 to 128. Not bad! When I got back to work, I continued my eating routine, and even added a cup of oats (to lower my bad cholesterol). Like milk, oats is an acquired tastes. I can now tolerate its flavor, when before it made me so feel sick. Another tip: mix it with pork floss from Bee Cheng Hiang. 

Now, 10 months after my last hospitalization for OI, people are starting to notice that I have already regained my old weight. Yesterday, I weighed myself. I can't believe it. I'm now 140 lbs! And my BMI is normal. It's been ages since I weighed 140 lbs! My pants are now starting to be tight on the waist... unfortunately, as a a side effect of ARV - uneven distribution of weight. :( But at least, I don't look sick and malnourished anymore. I'm happy with my 140 lbs. But I should exercise more and reduce my waistline from now on. Maybe I can also stop eating midnight snack, and replace fastfood with healthier options. 

Totoo nga! ARV results in weight gain, actually even makes some people overweight. But more than that, I also read somewhere that weight gain after ARV is a good indicator of survival from AIDS. Hooray to that!!!